When ? & Why ? i started This Service?

Truly, i started it only cause of my need of money. To depend on Indian peoples Regarding Sales & leads is second biggest mistake ever made by me. Obviously First Biggest mistake is i chose Wrong Person to love.

it was 1st march 2019. i was empty on that moment. Empty By business and Empty by hopes of my life too. I don't know exactly why ? but i made phone call to my uncle and told him all the thing happened with me since last 14 months. he advised me, to keep emotions to yourself, but focus on work . and i turned to serve you from the same day. you all peoples helped me to grow my business. cause without your help it was not possible for me to reach to people from 135 countries. today i am taking another move. i am going to start my own company to expand my business and identity too. it will affect you all by increased prices of my services. as 18% GST will be applicable to all of you on each purchase from us.

But keep trusting me. i will improve standard of my services. even better than you expect from me.

Vision behind become part of corporate world ?

As i said above, expanding my business and self identity. It is enough what i said. if you still have any questions then email me on Contact@Dipak.in

Date of launch from Individual to corporate

from 29th june 2020 (Birthday of Special one)